“How I Met you”

When I think about it, it’s like we’re meant to meet;
Most people fell in love at first sight; But I never like you when I first saw you;
Though we were in the same class.

Friends started talking about you that you were a good girl;
That’s how I started looking at you but not that I care;
Months passes by, I started seeing your uniqueness;
That quieteness and Charmy look;
By then I’ve heard so much about you and I didn’t care still.

Things changed in the following year; You started hanging out with my friends;
So automatically we end up being in the same group;
With time I started changing my mind about you;
I think I’ve started to like you;
So I started talking to you, but you were not that nice;
All you did was answering my questions.

School week came in and you brought a mobile phone to school;
So I end up asking your number;
With one condition you said “Don’t share it with anyone else;
How simple that you didn’t asked mine.

On Friendship Day I wishes you with a prank text;
The next day in school I told you that it was me;
Your face suddenly turned red cause you’ve already told everyone about the prank;
I had to apologized instantly;
You look mad but you said Ok don’t do it again;
In a way it was nice;
Pranking you was innocently different;
Since then you started to recognise me;
The way you look at me, when I look at you;
That’s how our friendship started;
We started texting, and staring at each other in class;
I could never stop staring at you in class;
I even started to show off, for I grave for your attention.

Teacher’s Day came in, we joined that choir together;
After the function I walked you home;
I can see that you were shy, but it does not stop you from sharing your life story;
Maybe because I asked lots of questions;
In the evening I texted you That I had a great day, but you didn’t care;
Your answer was that you were tired walking home and you misses your friends.

Few months latter we’re off to two different colleges;
We text and communicate on a daily basis;
But it’s never the same;
I started missing you, that sometimes I thought I love you.